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The 4 Filters for Digital Wellness

We’ve created our 4 Filters for Digital Wellness to help kids (and adults!) make good choices when it comes to their #screentime. Download PDF

The 4 Filters for Digital Wellness

Are you controlling your technology or is it controlling you? The next time you reach for your device, ask yourself these four questions:

Am I being…?


Am I fully present and enjoying the moment or am I focused on capturing it for others (or mindlessly scrolling or browsing)?


Is what I’m doing healthy and safe for me mentally, emotionally, and physically?


Is this a good use of my time? Am I watching, listening, or doing so many things at once that I’m not doing any one thing well?


Am I being supportive and compassionate? How will my words and actions make others feel?

The next time you pick up your device, take a beat to ask yourself who’s in charge. Because only you can decide.

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