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Masked – The Dangers of Cyberbullying

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By Ryan Jacobin, featuring actors Ronan Morris, Lucas Dunworth, Jon Krotine, and Ryan Hallisy

When we go online, it becomes easy to hide behind a mask of anonymity. This mask allows us to do and say certain things that we would never consider in real life, presenting new dangers to other people online. Although it may be difficult, everyone has the power to take off this mask.

In this video, my group and I visualize the inherent dangers of the mask that we naturally wear when we go online; When Roman tells his three “friends” that he recently broke up with his girlfriend, they all attempt to comfort him in real life. However, as soon as they go online, they put on masks and begin cyberbullying Roman by falsely spreading the rumor that he was dumped in a group chat with everyone in their school. Fortunately, Bryan, another boy in the group chat, notices the potential emotional harm this cyberbullying could have on Roman, and decides not to put on his mask. As a result, he actively defends Roman, warning others to consider his feelings before bullying him.

Additional thoughts from the film-maker:

“Although we can avoid cyberbullying others as individuals, this obviously does not eliminate all cyberbullying online. To try to eliminate all cyberbullying, we can confront cyberbullying when we see it happening to someone else.”

“Better Days” by Benjamin Tissot

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