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As artificial intelligence gets more integrated into our daily lives, we grow overly reliant on it. Siem, a high school student who uses AI on a daily basis, has a challenge when AI is no longer able to assist him get through his day.

Created by: Tekie Gebrehawaryat
Acter- Light Kehasay

Music made by Ethan Langit, Classmate Friend.

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  1. Seare7 (2 weeks ago)

    “AI can be helpful, but it’s important to remember the value of human connections.”

  2. Rufta (2 weeks ago)

    The video shows that AI can be helpful, but sometimes, talking to a friend is what we really need.

  3. sidon (2 weeks ago)

    Siem’s story is cool because it reminds us that AI is awesome, but it’s not everything.

  4. Amanuel (2 weeks ago)

    I love how Siem’s AI friend cares about him. But hey, we should remember to take breaks and not just stare at screens all day

  5. Hermonb7 (2 weeks ago)

    Keep up the work!

  6. Hermonb (2 weeks ago)

    Nice video!

  7. Israel (2 weeks ago)

    This video is very nice! It reminds me of me.

  8. Samuelozz (2 weeks ago)

    Fantastic video

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