What's Your Story - 2010 Entry

Gullible, But I Have A Superpower…

By:   zoltanbi


Age Group:   13+
Location:   Canada
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Zoltan is browsing how to get a superpower when Roberto happens to come in to tell Zoltan that he got an email about a chance to win a jackpot. Roberto shows the email and ends up getting the offer of $5 million, which he has to pay a dollar for. Zoltan is skeptical at first, but Roberto already went ahead and called regarding the offer, in which he gave away his card details. Later that day, Roberto checks his bank account to see if he got charged the dollar and finds out that his bank account was wiped. Zoltan gets really angry and develops a superpower, which when activated, deletes all online scams… Permanently. To do this, he grabs a device (his laptop) and zaps it which wipes all scams that are currently online.

Unfortunately, this is fiction. Please be careful on what you see online. Always make sure to double check what you see and protect yourself from any online threat. Only YOU can prevent scams, do not share your personal information with anyone online.

Music: 2017 Epic Dramatic Intense Orchestral Battle Music Royalty Free No Copyright NCS Cinematic Orchestra


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  1. vanessabanggayan (9 months ago)

    great video!

  2. jubelleanne (9 months ago)