What's Your Story - 2021 Entry

Internet Internet Internet

By:   Rebecca Callahan


Age Group:   13+
Location:   Canada
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What would we do without it?!?! The internet has not only helped us get through the past year, it has helped us get through every year. Like many North Americans, I have used the internet everyday my whole life and am so amazed by how it is such an integral part of how society functions. However, while it can be used for good and productive things, it can be used to waste time as well, as we all know. But, I believe the Pros far outweigh the Cons, and the internet is an amazing tool to help us get through our daily needs.

No.4 Piano Journey by Esther Abrami used with permission from Youtube Audio Library.


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  1. Gabbypalalas (4 days ago)

    Very well done!