What's Your Story - 2021 Entry

Adapting to Our New Normal

By:   franciscogarciahdv


Age Group:   13+
Location:   Canada
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In this video, I explain how I took advantage of the many uses of the internet while being stuck in another country during quarantine. While I thought that there was no way that I could get used to a situation like this at first, the internet was a great tool to help me feel better throughout it all. I appreciate everyone who stopped by to watch the video!


Cast (in order of appearance):
Francisco Garcia-Villaseñor (main) as himself
Delroy Goveas (video call) as himself
Natalia Dominguez-Castellaños (Spotify listener) as herself
Joaquin Garcia-Villaseñor (Youtube watcher) as himself


Sound Library – Emotional Slow Drama Piano (Copyright Free) – https://youtu.be/ZZnKbZEQeV0
Mike Leite – Vacaciones (Creative Commons, where it’s copyright free as long as it is credited)
“Mike Leite – Vacaciones” is under a Creative Commons (cc-by) license
Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/GLghWY9ovfM


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  1. MackieDavies (6 hours ago)

    Well done. You have obviously gained some great skills when it comes to video production. Keep up the great work. Good luck to you.

  2. Monica Ch (7 hours ago)

    Improve the world. Yes.

  3. Monica Ch (7 hours ago)

    Yup. If life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I also have learned a lot from the internet is an amazing visual encyclopedia. I liked your visuals the music the tone and editing in your video.

  4. Jcgarcia334 (20 hours ago)

    Very encouraging and full of positive energy and tips to deal with the storm, plus very professionally done.

  5. asajj3 (1 day ago)

    This is very encouraging!

  6. Pipo forever (1 day ago)

    Bien hecho Francisco!!! Felicitaciones

  7. RyanVerner (1 day ago)

    Solid video. I’m glad that you are well and am happy to see how you’ve been able to make the most out of this situation. Best of luck!

  8. Lilia (1 day ago)

    Me gusto mucho el guion y como lo combinaste con las imágenes. Ha pesar de haber sido un año difícil para todos, el ingenio y uso del internet te ha dado muchas satisfacciones, entre ellas la participación en este concurso. Te deseo lo mejor!!!

  9. claradguis (1 day ago)

    Very inspiring!

  10. YAYITO Bisicleto (1 day ago)

    Amazing francisco, brought a tear to my eye. It’s been a tough year. Keep up the good work

  11. FranciscoWinner (1 day ago)

    Francisco you deserve this Scholarship so much. Great video, inspiring story. Prod of our Mexican Youth!

  12. J_ (1 day ago)

    Great video! Definitely inspired me to take more use of our time at home. Loved the editing!

  13. mseatter (1 day ago)

    This is so well done! Really got me to look more at the bright side of the situation

  14. Andrea vic villa (2 days ago)


  15. Lstar71 (2 days ago)

    Cool video! Very inspirational and motivates me to really make the most out of my time despite the current global situation. Wish you luck with the competition!

  16. HenryZhangisHappy (2 days ago)

    Thanks for swinging by my entry! You did a perfect job with editing and production value. Cheers and good luck to both of us!

  17. KCKami (2 days ago)

    Guau Francisco!!! Te quedo de lujoo!

  18. Sisko (2 days ago)

    Great video! Very resourceful. Good Luck

  19. Arodidoca06 (2 days ago)

    Really good video,
    Nice production

  20. Johan 2799 (2 days ago)

    Very sick and awesome

  21. brandonmilley (2 days ago)

    This video is amazing!! Definitely needs to make it to the finals!

  22. Veraaa (2 days ago)

    Great video!!

  23. dreamypotatoninjas (2 days ago)

    This is top notch editing and I appreciate the little to no stock footage

  24. Badingus_is_away (2 days ago)

    Yeah let’s go frank!!!!