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The Internet – Simple and Secure

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The internet has changed a lot since 1992. Currently known as Web 2.0, the modern day internet has changed how we conduct business online, make transactions, find/chat with new/current friends, play games with others, and much more. But with every solution offered by the web, there also comes a reciprocal set of problems.

“The Internet – Simple and Secure” offers a quick, yet effective glance on how we all could change the internet, one website at a time. Through good judgement, and effective usage of our time, we can use the internet to improve our online communities through the way we work, socialize, and play online. At the same time, the video also reminds the viewer to stay safe using some very simple, yet effective techniques.

Pair all of this with an awesome song by Otis McDonald, and you have a key recipe for a video that can entertain, educate, and inform the viewers within a two minute time period. I hope you enjoy it.

– Anthony Neves

Videos Used:
HD Stock Footage
Video Game Clips: (My Old Channel)
House Clips: Recorded From A Panasonic HC-V201
Still Images: Found via

The Song: “Not For Nothing” – Otis Mcdonald

Recording Camera: Panasonic HC- V201
Editing Software: Sony Vegas HD Movie Studio 11.0
Editing Computer: “Project Echo” – Dell Inspiron i660s – Core i5 3330s, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, Intel HD iGPU.

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