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We can display so much with so few words. Our expressions often tell stories our mouths or keyboards could never express. In this video, we hope to show that with a simple look into someone’s eyes, we can remember to empathize with real people rather than needlessly hurt them over the internet.

So, to answer the question: We’d add a feature that allows people to see people face to face while messaging over the web.

From the filmmakers:

“Our journalism teacher, Mrs. Jardine, showed us the competition in class one day.  At first we wanted to focus on anonymity, eventually realizing that the heart of the issue is not being face to face with people we’re speaking to. Particularly, we emphasized the power of looking someone in eye and how the internet desensitizes our actions and numbs empathy. So, what we decided we would change about the internet was the inability to look people in the eye.

One of us, Yvanna, was featured for a brief second. The rest of the faces seen in the video were other members of the journalism staff. Our main actresses were people in class that sacrificed their time after school to help us out. Yasmine G. and Taylor C. did an amazing job acting and portraying the emotion just right and we owe a big part of our win to them.”

— Yvanna R. and Emily C.

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