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2019 Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Online Gaming-An Example In Real Life

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The video starts out where a kid who just wants to play some online games gets online, but suddenly is inside of the game. After entering the game, someone swears, and once the round starts, he talks with his teammate, and both agree that online games would be better of people did not swear and say bad things, that’s when his teammate says the words “If I had one superpower”, and from that moment on, any time someone says anything bad, they are kicked from the game, so people can enjoy the clean environment. Once all players are eliminated, the team decides that games would be best if all of them were like this, so they could enjoy the game without worrying about hearing bad things.


♩♫ Epic Action Music ♪♬ – Shoot on Sight (Copyright and Royalty Free)
By Ross Bugden
INSTAGRAM: (rossbugden)
TWITTER : (@rossbugden)

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