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This is a short film about how people hide behind masks on the internet, and create the perception of perfection by posting photos to their social media accounts.

From the filmmakers:

“Our computer teacher at school told our class about the contest. The two of us love film making, so we decided to enter.  It took us 4 days to produce our video. We spent many late nights working on perfecting our video.  The only people who worked on the video were Grace and I. We acted as the actors, directors, producers, etc.

We both feel that the internet puts a lot of pressure on people to act a certain way while their online. We always see people with these perfect lives, so we try to strive to be like them. In reality, there is so much that we never see. We wanted to remind people that no one’s life is perfect, and to just be yourself!”

— Elizabeth I. and Grace F.


Touch by Mattia Cupelli

Artist said that this song is free and there is no need to contact him to ask for use.

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