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2020 Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Quarantine Love

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I met a girl in June last year. We started talking online during the lockdown. Eventually we started dating. She helped me tremendously throughout the year. She’s been so supportive of everything I do. She kept me happy and positive during the pandemic, and I can’t thank her enough. Without her, quarantine would have been a lot more grey. I did meet this girl online, so because of the internet, I found my light. This song is dedicated to her.

In the video, I am using a song that I made. The lyrics were all written by me, I recorded it, and mixed it all together. However, the beat, I purchased off of a producer by the name of Jammy Beatz. I have full legal right to use the beat because I purchased the lease for it. The visual used in the video is my own personal screen recording of my girlfriend.

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