What's Your Story - 2020 Entry

Wild Westernly Ways Before The Internet

By:   nicobarrettTVZ


Age Group:   13+
Location:   United States
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What would life be like without the internet? Well, it’d be a western of course!

When two students are given a presentation about the internet they can’t help but to ruminate what life without such an amazing tool would be like. When one student looks up to see a photo of two cowboys hanging on the wall an epic ballad of adventure and hardship fills her imagination… Cowboys Jebidiah Smith and Alonzo Wood have just gotten away with their greatest heist yet! Having now robbed the Jamestown Town bank twice, it is paramount they find a place to lay low. However, without the internet the outlaws face a seemingly extraordinary challenge. They must use their creativity, book smarts, and imagination to navigate this harrowing predicament.

In an age where any question can be answered in a split second it becomes ever important for us to remember the power of our imagination and creativity!


All music was used courtesy of freesound.org

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