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Life With/Without Internet

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The ending may have been confusing so we will explain it here. In the chronology, the very first shot with the main character closing is before the final scene. He turns to the Internet as a means of recreation and comfort. He finds great pleasure in it, which is why he is laughing to himself. Little does he actually know that by immersing himself in the Internet, he is oblivious to his surroundings, which is why he is wrapped up in Christmas lights. He does not realize that near him are the government conducting surveillance on him or terrorists / hackers trying to find out his personal information. To us, the Internet means that we can connect with other people and be popular, we can learn and research anything like a true intellectual, we can dance to our hearts’ content, and we can have fun and feel like a superhero. On the other hand, it also means that we need to be careful of what we are doing. We hope you like it, comment, and give us a good rating so we can win! Thank you!

Overture of 1812

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