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AI is a Tool, not a Solution.

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In this video, I show how AI can be benifical, but can also harm. I have noticed this generation use an AI software called ChatGPT, so I have based my story around that. We as Gen Z’s are getting too comfortable using AI platforms to help us in our everyday life. But I believe in our future, the overuse of various AI platforms could lead to an upset.
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Source; YouTube (
Details: This is a non-copyright track I had found on YouTube and I thought it fit perfectly with the type of video I wanted to create.

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  1. Krea (2 weeks ago)

    Using ai to generate a pizza that fits your diet is super clever. I never thought about using it in that kind of way :0

  2. jondl (4 weeks ago)

    The idea that students can generate essays with a few prompts is scary – but what’s more concerning is them outsourcing their problem-solving and giving up the ability to think for themselves. Are we stronger as a result of AI, or weaker?

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