What's Your Story - 2017 Entry

Are you bored?

By:   melmo121

Location:   United States
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I think the internet is amazing. It’s this giant carrier pidgeon on steroids letting us connect with people from all over the place. I’ve always seen the internet as a way to get your ideas and messages across to billions of people, but I think we’ve sort of morphed the internet into a crutch for when we’re bored. So if I could change the internet I would change how easily it consumes our time. Instead of relying on the internet to give you entertainment, try some of the examples listed in the video.

8,760 hours in a year is enough time to watch every Harry Potter,Lord of the rings/ Hobbit, and the Star Wars movies 168 times! Go ahead and save yourself from episode one, that’s still a lot of hours.

So how will you fill them?

Dream Girl by No vacation
I asked them on soundcloud if I could use this track and they said yes

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