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Mr. Perfect?

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In today’s world, we are exposed to fake information constantly, especially through social media. We must be able to tell what’s real and what’s fake online. We believe that nowadays, it is very important for us (especially teenagers) to realize that many people are not what they appear to be online. Why? Because they have a screen to hide behind. Some may distort reality but others may pretend to be someone else by creating a fictional online persona to lure someone into a relationship. That is what this video focuses on; catfish and how to avoid it. We hope you enjoy it 😀

From the filmmaker:

“I wanted to deliver the message in a funny way so that the video would be engaging but also stating all the important points. Since Instagram is very popular nowadays, I decided to create a fake profile called Mr. Perfect and make the video about it. My inspiration came from talking to friends and brainstorming ways to portray this message.”

The music is us playing the piano

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