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2019 Winner


The Postman

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Featuring actors Catie C., Gabe M., and Carrington H.

Synopsis: Three high school students retell the story of a mysterious online figure who goes around spreading positivity on social media and in the world with his “supernatural” power to change reality just by posting a simple statement on a person’s social media. Each student speaks on the mysterious figure, named “The Postman,” and his impact on their lives and the world around them.

From social networking to entertainment to shopping, there is no way around the impact that the internet has on our daily lives. When you comment on someone else’s life via social media, it has an impact on their daily life. Knowing this, I decided to answer this year’s question by making the audience question the power that they have online and how they are using it. We have the power to alter reality as we see fit through the internet. Regardless of supernatural or magical powers, anyone can change the lives of others just by posting online.

So how are you using your special power?

More thoughts from the film-maker:

“Posting about someone else online can change the life of that person. So I decided to explore the thought of a “superhero” who uses his powers for good. We are the postman. We have the power to change reality with our online presence. So why not use it for good?”


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