What's Your Story - 2020 Entry

Easy…or not.

By:   fantasysky


Age Group:   13+
Location:   Canada
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The internet has many negatives, like cyberbullying and fake news etc., so we might feel temporarily free once it’s gone. But, as shown in the video, we’re far from not needing it. From needing it for video chats and the weather to gaining publicity for an important issue on social media, we have adjusted our lives so that we depend on the internet daily. Our quality of life without it, arguably, becomes worst–I know mine will.

So, lets use the internet responsibly to reap the most benefits and really maximise on its positives, instead of suffering from its negatives.

In this video, a small peek of my life is shown. Whereas initially, I thought an internet-free life is so easy, as time passed, I realized that it would be so much harder and that some things just can’t be done anymore.

Director, actress, writer etc.: Dongjia Jiang
All music from: www.bensound.com

www.bensound.com (Free Creative Commons License, popular royalties-free music site, suggested in the “Resources” page on the contest website).

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