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2023 Entry


Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

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In order to demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence, we created a movie featuring solely AI and asked, “How do you see AI making a difference in your future?” this year. In this movie, we show you what artificial intelligence is capable of. We didn’t even need to film the movie or record the soundtrack because AI performed all the work for us; we just added our own unique touch. This video shows how powerful AI can be. Artificial intelligence is incredibly strong; in fact, I didn’t even have to type this.

Music created by artificial intelligence

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1 comment:

  1. Krea (2 weeks ago)

    I think this breaks a lot of the rules
    Like yah it’s impressive that artificial intelligence was able to do this, but it’s not comparable to the other entires that are more entertaining to watch, but it’s not impressive that a person was behind this AI that did the bare minimum and still made something that has nothing

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