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“DO YA RESEARCH” – Music Video

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I decided to take a more wild, fun, light-hearted approach to the theme while still answering the question thoroughly. My goal was to write an upbeat trap song about the irritation of seeing false information and fake news constantly. If you want to know whether or not what you’re reading is true or false, spend a few minutes researching and fact checking before you share the article or story around on social media. This almost always uncovers the truth!

All the footage and music belongs to and was created by me.

From the filmmaker:

“I have had a knack for making upbeat songs, especially raps, in a very wild, comedic way.  I figured, “Why not stay true to that and make a trap song about Fake News?” So I did.

While every part of the creative process was handled by me, I still wanted a few extras for my music video. A handful of my best friends helped out. They can be seen in the background of my entry video dancing, jumping, and reacting to fake news on their timelines. They always enjoy helping out with my films and they’re fun to work with!”

All music was produced, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by me personally. I own all the rights to the music.

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