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The Speed of Impulse

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The internet is known for being fast. Really fast. Normally that’s awesome, but sometimes it can have negative consequences. Impulsivity is all too often a consequence of the internet’s incredible speed. Vices like fake news and cyber bullying stem from this impulsivity.

From the film-maker: 

“I took a look at the biggest concrete problems on the internet, like fake news, cyber bullying, polarization through social media bubbles, and tried to find a way to articulate the central problem in all of them.  When I boiled it down, I came to the conclusion that strong impulsivity was involved in all of them, and decided to make that the thesis of my video.

I’m actually in the video three times in small roles.  I’m the one spitting out the coffee in reaction to fake news.  I’m the guy flipping over the skateboarder, and I’m the boyfriend on the other end of the Skype date.  The main presenter in the video is my life-long friend and long-time artistic collaborator, Keanu Ross-Cabrera.”

— Chris Allison


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