What's Your Story - 2020 Entry

What does a puppy want?

By:   Amanda and Prudence


Age Group:   13+
Location:   United States
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This story is inspired by a tiger cub and a puppy having good friendship.

A puppy was being ignored by his human because she was busy playing with her electronics on the internet. Find out what happens once the magic potion comes to the picture!

Story written by: Prudence and Amanda
Video/Voice by: Amanda and Prudence

Thank you for technical guidance, Ms Anna and Ms Ada! We have learnt so much from working hard for past month. Above all, both of us (third grade BFF from Prairie Trace Elementary School) have had so much fun working together! -Prudence and Amanda


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  1. Sherri1 (17 hours ago)

    Love it!

  2. mtharrison@mac.com (2 days ago)

    Great story girls!

  3. Andre (7 days ago)

    Extremely Creative! Content…Innovative!

  4. Snowlynx (1 week ago)

    Great idea and story line! Amazing collaboration and acting!

  5. kyeung (1 week ago)

    Great story!

  6. XDP (1 week ago)

    Very cute!

  7. bmh (2 weeks ago)


  8. alvinyyk (2 weeks ago)

    A great illustration!