What's Your Story - 2021 Entry

Internet: 2020 – Official Trailer

By:   HenryZhangisHappy


Age Group:   13+
Location:   United States
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A mock, dramatic sci-fi trailer that narrates the story of a young man and his indestructible bond with the internet throughout the horrendous year of 2020.

Despite fictional elements like the mysterious USB, my feelings toward the internet are absolutely real. As the pandemic shut everything down and tore people apart, the internet becomes a necessity more than ever. It has helped not only me but billions of people who are struggling just like me. I have dedicated tremendous effort to the visual aesthetic and details so consider watching the video a few more times if you like. I really hope I achieved the feel of an authentic movie trailer.
Please stay safe, take care, and thanks for watching!!

Guohang “Henry” Zhang as HIMSELF
Chenwei “Apollo” Zhao as INTERNET
Pearlyn Mirabella as NEWS ANCHOR (voice)
Mia Sky as HERSELF

All 3rd party music, footage, and sound effects have been licensed or copyright and royalty-free.

Epic Cinematic Sci-Fi Trailer by Cinematic_Trailers (purchased and licensed on Audiojungle)
nature walk by dylan-darby (copyright and royalty-free from Pixabay)


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  1. bruhman (2 days ago)

    Wow, so when can I watch it in the movie theater? 😉

  2. franciscogarciahdv (2 days ago)

    I’ll be honest. The amount of thought put into every shot and what happens in them is incredible, and I really liked that there was such a huge variety of settings other than just your room and stuff! The idea is just great in itself! Very entertaining.

  3. franciscogarciahdv (2 days ago)

    Now this is epic. 10/10!

  4. Yangliyuan (6 days ago)