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2019 Finalist


The Legend of Netvenger

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This is the story of NETVENGER, the universal internet guardian. Her father (Dr. Webb, world-renowned digital technologist) had been working on his latest invention: The Life Digitizer. As a child, she playfully followed her dog right into a plasma beam and was accidentally digitized and transmitted onto the internet. Upon arrival, her personal code was duplicated and transferred to all internet devices, giving her the ability to communicate with others on a wide scale.

She learned about all the working intricacies of the web (the good, bad, and ugly) and used her powers to warn all oblivious internet users about the many dangers they are exposed to daily. She achieves this by flashing urgent, real time messages on screens to guide unsuspecting, innocent users away from the terrible mistakes they are about to make, ensuring that their online experiences are safer and better.

Listen in on the retelling of Netvenger’s story, and join her cause by helping to make the internet safer!

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