What's Your Story - 2021 Entry

The importance behind the Internet

By:   Itz_Abdal


Age Group:   13+
Location:   Canada
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The internet has helped me through this chaotic year, which is why it’s been my best friend. This video is all about the wonders and the powers of the internet. It shows the significant impact on individuals and how it could be benificial.

All music, sounds, and video clips are copyright-free with the Youtube and CapCut application.


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  1. TabA (1 day ago)

    Excellent Job! I love the use of transitions.

  2. Gabbypalalas (4 days ago)

    well done!

  3. Johnny__Smith363 (4 days ago)

    Such a interesting story, I enjoyed this video!

  4. Anasm (4 days ago)

    This is very impressive! Nice Job.

  5. mqyousef (5 days ago)

    Very nice idea for this age

  6. Mmraeda (5 days ago)

    Well done! Amazing editing skills.