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2019 Finalist


United Utopian Web – Decentralize the Centralized

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During March break, I had the opportunity to participate in the Blockchain Hackathon, where I learned about the internet, and the applications of blockchain to address social issues like poverty, child labour, human exploitation, etc.

Blockchain’s hack-proof, decentralized and secure nature inspired me to apply the concept of decentralization to our whole internet, so our online life can be improved.

I would use my superpower to decentralize the internet first in order to prevent hacking, cyberbullying, fraudulent people, imposters, etc. This hopefully will alleviate the current problem of having central points of failure.

Then, decentralize individual online applications using blockchain to add an extra layer of security and protection to the users.

Ultimately, keeping the internet safe begins with all of US, the internet users!

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