What's Your Story - 2010 Entry

The Un-Superpower

By:   racheymoo16


Age Group:   13+
Location:   United States
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My superpower would be the power to turn off other people’s phones (not for forever of course). As a society, we are always on our phones and never look up from them. But if we look up, we will be able to interact with others and experience the world around us. By taking time to take a break from our phones, we will be able to make life online better by interacting with others in person which would develop stronger bonds. People would be less stressed and the world would just be happier. We often compare ourselves with others on social media and by taking a break, we would be able to give ourselves some self-love.


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  1. leana.barbosa (9 months ago)

    Such a good idea!

  2. videographyclub (9 months ago)

    Great idea!