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Have you registered yet? If so, be sure to log-in. If you still need to register, be sure you leave enough time to spare before the December 15 entry deadline because if you’re under 18, you’ll need your parent’s or guardian’s approval.

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Below is a checklist you should review before you SUBMIT your video. Be sure to read the full Official Rules before you put too much effort into this. We don’t want to disqualify entries, but we will if they don’t meet the rules.

  1. Make sure all information you enter is correct. Inaccurate information can result in disqualification.
  2. If you are a teacher or administrator competing as a school or classroom, you must receive permission from each of your students' parents.
  3. Original works only. Don’t use someone else’s music, photos, graphics, etc. without express permission. We hate rejecting entries! Please make sure everything you use complies with our rules. Especially when it comes to using music or another company’s brand or logo. There are sites that have music or graphics you can use royalty-free (although while you aren’t violating copyright by using them, some of them may cost money to obtain).
  4. Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes and no larger than 100MB. Otherwise, they’ll be rejected. Sorry.
  6. Past individual winners are ineligible. However, past finalists and school prize winners may enter this year.
  7. Have patience. Don't leave this page after you click SUBMIT until you receive a confirmation message that your entry was successfully received. Otherwise, your entry may get lost in the vast ether of the Interwebz!
  8. Read the full "Official Contest Rules" to be sure you're covered. We'd hate for you to do all your great work only to discover you missed a rule that could disqualify your entry.

What happens after we get your entry?

After submitting your entry, we will process and review it to ensure it meets the contest guidelines (like, it doesn't use copyrighted materials, and stuff) and is appropriate.

Then, we'll email you once it's approved and viewable in our gallery on the VOTE page, or if it’s been rejected and why. You’ll have a chance to re-submit it after you address any issues we found with it, however, all entries MUST be in by December 15. So don’t wait until the last minute!

The information we're requiring in the registration form is used to help us determine your entry's eligibility for the contest and to award prizes in case you or your school are selected as a finalist or winner of the contest.

Trend Micro values your privacy and won’t use your information otherwise without your permission.